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Beneficial for animals recovering from illness or transitioning to a raw food diet, helps to reduce inflammation and gently supports digestive function.

Key benefits

Supports immune health, reduces inflammation and bad breath, and restores the digestive system after diarrhoea, vomiting or a course of antibiotics. 

Suitable for

Dogs and cats of all ages. Fussy eaters, joint, skin and coat health. Animals with sensitivities.
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Gelatinous, liquid broth.


Organic beef bones and Filtered water, Free from salts, additives, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.




Order and delivery

A $60 minimum order is required for courier deliveries. Delivery to all inner Melbourne Metropolitan areas is $19 per delivery (excluding CBD, which is $25.00), Outer Metropolitan areas are $25 per delivery, and Outer fringe suburbs are $30 per delivery. 

Additional information

It can also be added to meals with raw food. Keep refrigerated, do not freeze in jar.

It is essential to closely monitor body condition to maintain healthy growth. Always ensure fresh filtered water is made available.

Product images are for representation only. Actual sizes available may differ from those shown.

For animal use only 
Not for human consumption

Product of Australia