Gena, with Duke

Our dog Duke had injured his shoulder, he also has arthritis and was having some recent skin issues. We had acupuncture treatment for his shoulder and arthritis and through this process we were told that he would do better on a raw diet. The Pet Grocer have done such a great job in preparing wholesome raw food, it’s amazing. After eight weeks on his new diet, not only is he better in his joints, but the grey’ ageing spots on his brown coat have gone back to brown, his skin condition is improved and his fur is nice and soft again. Thanks guys!!! 


Highly knowledgeable staff. Was unsure on how to improve my Boston terrier’s diet, and they have been such a great help throughout the transition from dry to raw feed. The Pet Grocer also stocks beautiful, toys, feeding bowls, pet furniture, blankets, collars/leads, skin care products as well as high quality food.

Colleen, with Frog

We love going into The Pet Grocer on Coventry Street with Frog, our dog. They’re extremely helpful and friendly and are a wealth of knowledge. They have something for all dogs in the shop and every type of health treat possible; every time my little man has gotten sick or off his food they have solved the problem quickly with good food. I highly recommend going and visiting the store if you would like any dog food and health advice. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

Brad and Ben, with Neo and Ally

Conventional advice about canine diet has never made sense to us. We know that human health benefits from a diet that is fresh, varied and whole—why shouldnt that also apply to our pets? It was clear to us that our whippets, Neo and Ally, didnt enjoy their vet recommended dry food, and a series of diet implicated health issues eventually led us to The Pet Grocer. The Pet Grocer team have helped us to develop a raw diet that is healthy, ethical and delicious—and we cant thank them enough. Neo and Ally have never been healthier. 

Michele, with Mya and Moto

I feel so grateful to Janine and Jason.

The first time I walked into their South Melbourne market store I was at my wits end. I have two Shiba Inu dogs, not exactly known for their easy temperaments!

Anyway, the female dog Mya, was having a bad time. She was only eating maybe once every three days and it wasnt a pretty sight. She was constantly shaking and upset around meal times.

I told Jason about what was going on and he listened patiently and then suggested a few ideas around shifting their dry food diet to a natural raw one. Both of my dogs were on a vet prescribed dry food diet because they had both been diagnosed as being unable to digest proteins in a natural food composition.

This diagnosis turned out to be incorrect.

Between Janine and Jason they talked to me every week when I went in. They were knowledgeable and gentle and thats a really a powerful combination. It was me who needed to find some confidence in a new way to feed and take care of my dogs.

So week by week we discussed how they were going and tried small adjustments within the week. All of the food from The Pet Grocer is of a high clean quality, meaning no chemicals, no pesticides and no antibiotics.

Somewhere along this process I realised not only was Mya eating every meal she was also looking more relaxed. Then I noticed, I couldnt help but notice she was racing down the hallway ahead of me to where she eats at breakfast time. She was behaving like a puppy again.

After around 6 to 8 months of feeding them their new raw food diet, I also realised we hadnt been to the vet once. This has been a trend thats continued and our vet visits are almost nonexistent, which is quite something for 12 year old dogs.

For my dogs, The Pet Grocer has significantly improved their quality of life. And thats all Ive ever wanted for them is to be happy and feel as good as possible. I feel like Janine and Jason are a rare find these days! Their business is full of heart. And Im sure it's because they believe in what theyre doing based on strong experience and knowledge. I reckon its also because they love what they do.

Trina, with Sushi

I cannot think of any product that has benefited my dogs skin health the way The Pet Grocer has.

Sushi suffered from food and environmental allergies from six months of age. We have spent a lot of money on vet bills, experimenting different type of raw dog food brands in the market, kibble and single protein diet. Nothing seems to help and putting him on cortisone every time he has a breakout, it has really taken a toll on his immune system.

We discovered Big Love about six to eight months ago and have been religiously feeding him rabbit, duck and kangaroo. His health bounced back, we did not have a single visit to the vet in Spring 2016, his fur grew thicker and his hairless and inflamed armpits are looking so much better. The quality of the meat is amazing, free range meat is what my dog needs, not grain feed protein from a farm. We often get great advice from the team and we have never looked back since.

Thank you for your passion, we have greatly benefited from you guys. You have given my dog a better quality of life without being on any medications.