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Compostable poop bags are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn. They are entirely plastic-free! A sustainable alternative for use when you are out on adventures with your pets.

Key benefits

A flat-top design printed in organic, soy-based inks. The bags include instructions for use and sustainability information. The bags are designed so dog waste can be hygienically picked up, the bag inverted, knotted, and conveniently carried to the nearest waste bin.  

Suitable for

Dogs poop


Soft and strong.

Recommended for

Dogs of all ages. Small, medium and large breeds.


Renewable plant-based sources. 


Sold in 3 roll packs. (15 bags per roll)

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Additional information

The flat-top bags are designed to pick up dog waste and then be inverted and knotted so that the waste can be conveniently carried to the nearest waste bin. Recommended shelf life of 12 months.

For animal use only 
Not for human consumption

Product of Australia