Where do your products come from?

All of our products are sourced from Australia or New Zealand. We work hard to find suppliers that meet our high standards of quality, ethics and sustainability.

Do you sell in bulk or offer wholesale?

No, we only sell at retail value and all items are only available as they are listed online or displayed in store.

Do you have things for cats?

Yes, most of our products are both cat and dog friendly. To learn more about a cats dietary needs, click here.

Do you ship internationally?

No, currently we only ship Australia wide.

Can I send your treats overseas?

Usually, yes. We have not heard of any difficulty doing this but each country has their own custom laws and we can not say for sure.

How long can your treats be stored?

Dehydrated and freeze dried treats are able to be stored in a sealed container for two years.

Do your products contain any flavours or additives?

No, all our products are free from salts, flavours, grains, preservatives, fillers and additives.

Do you give advice over the phone?

The best way to get our advice is in person at our Melbourne stores, but you can email, text or call and we will endeavour to offer you some support.

Is it safe to feed my dog or cat a bone?

Cooked bones splinter and are not digestible, bones that are raw, dehydrated or freeze dried are safer, softer cartiligenous bones are more digestible than harder bones, large weight bearing bones are not digestible and pose risk of tooth damage, pets on a raw diet are better able to digest bones than dogs on a dry food diet, bones should be chosen that are size appropriate and if your pet is a gulper it is better to give bones that are larger and have more layers so they have to work on it before swallowing.

Do your pet treats smell?

Some treats smell more than others and everyones nose is different. All of our products are natural and have not been treated with flavours or chemical smoking, so they may not smell “tasty” to you but your cat or dog will think they smell delicious.

What’s your return policy?

We do not return items for change of mind or if your pet doesn’t like what you have chosen for them. This applies to online and in store sales.

Is your full product range always in stock?

Our products come from various suppliers and we cannot guarantee the consistent supply of every item. We do not sell manufactured synthetic treats or food, it is real produce that needs to be harvested or farmed, processed, packed and shipped to us before we can offer it to you. The natural nature of this supply means some of our products are affected by seasonal changes and availability may vary over time.