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A natural health supplement to assist in joint movement and function, reducing inflammation, helps with recovery from surgical procedures, promotes wound healing and cell regeneration, and general wellbeing.  

Key benefits

Excellent source of proteins and nutrients, fully digestible, and gentle on stomachs. Reduces inflammation and promotes blood flow.

Suitable for

Cats and dogs of all ages and breeds.


Chewy and crunchy.

Recommended for

Joint function, arthritis relief, muscle, and connective tissue repair, recovery from surgical procedures, alopecia and general wellbeing.


100% natural Australian deer velvet.
Single protein and low fat. Free from salts, additives, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.


Sold in 10g packs.
All treats are unique and come in a varied array of size, shape and colour. Product images are for representation purposes only. Actual sizes available may differ from those shown.

Additional information

We recommend that your pet is supervised when given treats. Always ensure fresh filtered water is made available.

For animal use only 
Not for human consumption

Product of Australia