Our pets are extensions of ourselves—free-spirited, inquisitive, offbeat even. Guided by our connection with animals we were driven to create a channel where we could deepen our understanding of their instinctual needs. This has allowed us to foster a community in which a more mindful approach can be taken to the health of pets.



By drawing on the laws of an animal's natural environment, we can provide a simple species appropriate diet that will benefit your pet both physically and psychologically.

Real food, real health.




Over time our insight into the relationship between food and wellness has evolved in such a way that we can no longer ignore it. Our mission is to communicate the knowledge we have gained so that you may nurture your pets confidently, sufficiently and wholeheartedly.





The creative minds behind The Pet Grocer are Janine and Jason McIver. Janine has a background in floristry, specialising in weddings, with a career spanning over 21 years, while Jason has been running his building business for the last 25 years. 

We were led to begin our investigations into pet nutrition and wellbeing when our beloved kelpie mate became unexpectedly ill. It makes us extremely proud that our kelpie has left a pawprint and legacy that will serve animals now and in the future.

We’re especially inspired by Melbourne and its amazing food and live music scenes; the surf/skate/ski culture that we were immersed in during our formative years; Japanese architecture; and artists like Jim Jarmusch, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop and Patti Smith.