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Dehydrated treats provide a combination of essential nutrients to maintain and restore your pet’s health. Treats should be fed in moderation, complementary to a balanced diet and as part of the daily food intake.  

Key benefits

Crunchy edible tendon for dental health, an excellent source of collagen and calcium

Suitable for

Cats and dogs of all ages and breeds.


Very crunchy and chewy.

Recommended for

Teeth cleaning, joint health, mental stimulation.


100% natural Australian chicken, beef tendon.
Single protein. Free from salts, additives, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.


Sold per piece.
All treats are unique and come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Product images are for representation purposes only. Actual sizes available may differ from those shown.

Additional information

We recommend that your pet is supervised when given treats. Always ensure fresh filtered water is made available.

For animal use only 
Not for human consumption

Product of Australia